nordic spirit

Nordic Spirit mint is a fresh blend of fresh menthol and peppermint that delivers a uniquely refreshing taste. Each pack contains 20 nicotine pouches with a 12mg nicotine strength. The pouches are made from a soft white material that is derived from a plant-based fibre. 

In order to use these nicotine pouches, simply pop the pouch under your upper lip leaving it there for a minimum of 5 minutes and retaining for up to one hour. You will feel a tingling sensation which might decrease in intensity over time. When finished, discard the pouch in the bin after use and recycle where possible. 

A fresh taste of the Nordics.
Discover a fresh nicotine experience that is a 100% tobacco-free and doesn’t release any smoke or vapour. Just pop a nicotine pouch under your lip and enjoy a steady delivery of flavour and nicotine that lasts up to an hour.

Spearmint Intense – Extra Strong

A boost of fresh spearmint with sweet undertones for a calming and uplifting freshness experience.

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches provide a full-strength nicotine experience that’s 100% tobacco-free. We are here to be at the heart of every pleasure, complement your moments of achievement and indulgence, and guide you to a Nordic way of championing every occasion.

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches provide a full-strength nicotine that's 100% tobacco-free.
Made from a blend of plant-based fibres, flavourings, nicotine and a small amount of gum base, each pouch fits neatly and discreetly under your top or bottom lip.
Enjoy a steady delivery of nicotine that lasts up to an hour.

With 20 pouches contained in a convenient, pocket-sized can you can enjoy Nordic Spirit no matter where you are. 18+ Contains Nicotine.





Find your ideal strength with Nordic Spirit



  1. Place the pouch under your top or bottom lip
  2. Feel an initial tingling sensation
  3. Enjoy a fresh nicotine experience for up to 60 min
  4. Put used pouch in the smart waste compartment